In the Wild.


I have been watching so much of the documentary ‘our strange rock’ and it really made me want to do a very green and bright photo. I also happen to really love daisies and I found this beautiful backdrop at backdrop city. I needed to take a photo with it. It’s not like I have flowers literally tattooed on me. I’m so sad and waiting for the winter to come to SL, which seems to be very soon and we’ll have to bundle up.

Lingerie: Shay – Dhoma
Jewels: Genesis Lab Face Bindi – Genesis

hand in my pocket – the other’s throwing a peace sign!


Hello lovelies! I am having a really good week, kind of, I was able to vlog & livestream very early today. I also got a chance to look at Equal 10. I was in love with this top. It was so beautiful and it’s something I’ve been looking for a long time. It’s the Lunar – Vivi Bralette and it comes with Freya, HG, Legacy & Maitreya. If you haven’t gotten it yet, head over to equal10!

I love it when you call me Señorita


I was checking around backdrop city, just to see what was new there, and I saw this cityscape. I really loved it and Immediately I wanted a picture with it and lots of greenery. The more the better. I also set out my little lamps and decided that this just felt like the music video Señorita by Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendez.

Hair: Intrepid – Stealthic
Jeans: Bridgette – Moon Elixir
Top: Kara Top – Alterego.

I’m under your skin.


This isn’t much of a fashion blog as much as Kenna wanted to play around in secondlife and photoshop. I like this a lot better. Thanks to cassie middles I found where to de-update my viewer and I’m back to the most updated before BOM. It was way to hard to take photos of my house and myself and even film. As much as I love BOM, I really can’t stand not having a functioning viewer. It makes it so much more difficult. I”m hoping by the time I really do have to update, all the bugs will be fixed and new bugs will pop up instead of these. I just had to test if this was going to turn out better.

I also figured that I really want to do a true overhaul on my blog and fix it. I want to make it look nicer, so this weekend after I do the house tour I will be working on making it better and more user friendly. Especially so you can see everything you need here without having to look too far. Thank you so much to everyone who has bared with me for these couple of years that I’ve attempted to blog.



Tag. You’re it!


I am getting into fall and creating my home for the fall & winter. I like to dress for my sim and it’s starting to get colder, so it’s time to break out the sweaters! I’m not quite yet ready for snow, but I know that it’s coming. I picked up this Autumn Pose Pack from Foxcity earlier the other day and I’ve been obsessed with the leaves. They’re so cute and it’s a nice little opportunity to take a fall profile picture!

Hair: Sarah – TaketomiWest
Shirt: Cropped Turtle Neck – ISON
Pose: Autumn Bento Set – Foxcity


Don’t Pick Up The Phone


Hello Lovelies! I am going to jump right into what I am wearing for those who do not want to read further on about Dating in SL.

Hair: Paige – .Entwined.
Earrings: Nyx Earrings Cross – E.Marie
Necklace: Basic Witch – E.Marie
Top: Sophia Tank Top – Addams
Pants: Pants Nice – (fd)

Body: Freya – Belleza
Eyeshadow: Basic Eyeshadow – L’etre
Lipgloss: Saint Sheer – .MILA.

Pose & Background: Cozy Bedroom – Foxcity

Now, I think we need to get down to business, because I owe everyone an update on what’s been going on with the whole dating scene. I am not officially dating anyone. Seeing where things go is the best word to describe it honestly. I have been blown away slightly by how some of these people have came into my life and reacted.

Mr. X – We are no longer seeing each other or thinking of seeing each other romantically. I address it more in my video that will be up very soon. We had very different views about romance and what was a good and functional relationship. It just wasn’t going to work which I was fine with. I gained a really nice and new friend out of the deal.

Mr. Family Man – The man ghosted me for a damn week, and holy crap. I don’t know how well I can deal with that considering I enjoy communication. I don’t mind if they’re busy outside with real life. I get that way too…but hey a message on discord doesn’t really hurt. I’m not sure how well that’s going to work out if at all.

Mr. Sad – He’s just sad and I have my own things to go and deal with. I can’t be a life raft for anyone. I can be a small tiny one, but I can’t be a large one. A friendship has seemed to just blossom out of this. I’m totally fine with it.

I am going to link my full video above when I have time to edit it today.

As Fall Turns

Fall has come and It’s time for an update.

Mr. X – he’s very sweet. The kinks that he’s asked for are a bit strange, but hey everyone on secondlife has some weird thing about them. I’m not sure how far this will go honestly. It’s a bit…what’s the word? It will have an end..a gradual good end. I don’t know if it can be sustained in a long-term relationship. Perhaps when it’s grown into it’s natural course I’ll go over the kinks.

Mr. Family Man – Why do men in SL want to rush? I feel like I’m the proper masculine party here. I have either such a fear of commitment, even in SL, or I’m the normal one. Trying to wife me up already. Just let it run it’s natural course.

Mr. Married – I didn’t even entertain these ones. I’ve grouped them together, because there were so many ?? Why would you message me if you’re married ?! On SL & RL. I’m not into it. I’m not sure who is into it either? I didn’t think I had a large sticker slapped onto my forehead that said, make me a mistress.

All in all so far dating has been? a bit of a fluke. There are still a few other men who messaged me, that I haven’t gotten to, but the ones I have…have been more than enough almost.


Date #1 [Love Actually]

Hello lovelies! I did say I would give updates as I got them, right?


I did not find Mr. X (which is what we’ll be calling him for now). He actually found me from Love Actually. He liked my profile and we just hit it off?

Mr. X started a really good dialogue and chat. He invited me to a beautiful scenery just to meet and start chatting. We voiced twice and exchanged photos, because hey that’s what you’re supposed to do. The man is handsome. He’s very handsome, ambitious, a hard worker. The best part was the fact we actually got interrupted talking like 6 times. Not ideal right? But that’s why it was great. We’re both pretty flexible and understood that in that moment what was happening in rl was the most important. Patience was a big factor and I enjoyed that.

He seemed really cool and very relaxed, perhaps a bit shy? which I don’t know if that will always clash well with my personality…but we’re going to see how things go from there even if it turns out to be a really great friendship.

We went out on a tiny date to the beach, and a beach house, pictured above, so we’ll see what happens on a more official date. I might even do a get ready with me and talk a bit on camera about it.

For now, just know we have 1 taker!